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Diamond (Heera) corresponds to Venus and its all creativity is totally linked with this planet. Having a diamond gemstone in a home in the right position means prosperity, strong financial position, wealth, harmony in the relationship and married life in general. In short, if you need an enjoyable life & good support in future, Venus is a must. All kinds of painting, music, dance and any type of performing art is corresponding with Planet Venus. In short, Diamond represents the Venus – a planet of luxury and beauty. Wearing diamond or Heera may bestow user with positive effects like happily married life, luxurious lifestyle and business benefits.

Benefits of Diamond (Heera):

  • Strengthen your stand on the financial font.
  • Help you generate wealth and buying property
  • Enjoyable love life
  • Reduce negative energy and provide a pleasant married life
  • Boost your career goals
  • Improve your creativity in a particular field.
Get the diamond as per your Kundali and start leveraging it.
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