Cat’s Eye (Lahshunia)


Cat’s Eye (Lahshunia)


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Cat's Eye is commonly known as Lahsunia and linked with Ketu - the confirmed malefic planet Ketu in the Vedic Astrology. The position of this planet in Kundli signifies about the aspiration of plenty of things linked with a house. If your Ketu is positioned in 10th house then it may create problems related to career. A poor Ketu can lead to discomfort and low in confidence. Wearing energized Lahsunia (Cat's eye) can help you stay confident, able to take several advantages of career opportunities and take a decision in a proper way.

The Cat's Eye Gemstone should be worn in a ring finger in a way that a gemstone touches a wearer's skin. Wear it as per the advice of a professional astrologer, wash it with milk of Gangajal before wearing and always wear on Tuesday in a morning time when the sun rises.

Benefits of Wearing Lahsunia (Cat's EYE):

  • Improve your confidence
  • Get advantages of opportunity
  • Warmhearted relations with parents and life partner
  • Put you in a better financial position
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