Vedic Shani Shanti Anushthan


Vedic Shani Shanti Anushthan


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In any person's kundali when Saturn gets malefic either in Lagan Kundali or in Gochar, it gives very negative results. The person suffering from the bad effect of Saturn always suffers from lack of money, health, happiness. It also causes accidents and disputes. Bad Saturn is a major reason of imprisonment.  Saturn gives negative reuslts when it is not in a good position or when its period comes in the Enemy’s Lagna. For example, in Mesha Lagna Kundali it gives very negative results in Lagna in 6th house and in 8th house.

Saturn also gives negative results with Moon where it creates "Vish Kumbh Yoga", it always gives very negative effects along with Raahu.

In above such cases where Shani is giving negative result , the Vedic Shani Shanti Anushthan is the most effective way to reduce its effects.

In Vedic Shanti Anushthan, a Jap of special mantras, stuti & yagya is performed for the particular person.

Jap Count: 92000+9200 +920 = Total 1,02120 + Yagya

We also take care of auspicious Muhurt, Direction, Havan Samidha and Samagri who please the Saturn.

The anushthan will be performed by four Pandits + Pt. Deepak Dubey.

All Major Karma will be done under Pt. Deepak Dubey’s guidance.

The anushthan will include:

  • All kind of Poojan Samagri
  • Fee of all Pandits
  • Offerings to the Pandits and Breaklfast and Lunch of the Pandits.
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