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Kundli Dosh Nivaran

What is Kundli dosh and what is the solution for it:

Every kundli is unique and it revolves around 9 planets and their position in 12 houses of horoscope. Peoples have many misconceptions regarding Kundli Dosh; yes we agree there may kundli dosh in horoscope, but it has to be rectifying in accurate manner to get the positive result.

Now in general every jyotish will tell you that you have dosh such as KaalSarp Yog, Mangalik and etc. but the thing is we never verify it by approaching the proper jyotish and astrologer for the same. Result is that you get the Pooja vidhi done for it but still problem is not cure, it is your job to first understand that what actual is that Kundli dosh is and what effect it will place on my life.

At our center we not only resolve the kundli dosh but we narrate the actual scenario in front of our customer that what are negative effects of such dosh and what benefits he will get after the Pooja is done for the same. Our remedies for the same can be either scientific way or through Pooja.


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