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Opal is a noncrystalline form of the quartz with up to 30% water. The Opal word comes from the Sanskrit Upala means a ‘precious stone’. The color of an Opal is milky white and sometimes it turns from greenish yellow to brick red. Opal is connected with the planet of love, creativity and intimate relationship. FYI, Opal is a good alternative to Diamond. While a weak stone can lead to discomfort, unhappiness, lack of smooth relationship and unhappiness.

To reduce the intensity of negative energy, wearing fully energized and certified Opal can alleviate such problems and bring happiness to wearer’s life. This helps to get well-settled life, financial gain, prosperity and comfort at all levels.

Benefits of Wearing Opal:

  • Strengthen your position on a financial side
  • Helps you pursue your career and achieve higher growth
  • Bring prosperity and peace to life
  • Helps you minimize the negative vibes
  • Improve your marital relationship
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