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Peridot is commonly a green colored gemstone from the Olivine family. Due to its green color, many users get confused with the Emerald gemstone. The green color of this gemstone ranges from bottle green to dark green to luscious green to pale green. It’s a birthstone of August & an auspicious stone for the couples who are enjoying their 16th marriage anniversary. The stone is related to lightness & beauty and so, many benefits are attached to this stone. In our Vedic astrology, Peridot is linked with the Planet Budh (Mercury) & helps to harness its extreme energies.

Benefits of Wearing Energized Peridot:

  • Brings happiness and prosperity to wearer’s life
  • Boosts creative power to battle against any type of fear
  • Reduces depression level & anger issues
  • Helps to discover the hidden talents and give you a vision to one’s life
  • Improve the healing power and boost immunity
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